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Birthday Flowers

     Birthday Flowers are the Best Gift

Flowers are the best gifts. They bring a holiday in the home. People always surrounded themselves with flowers at especial moments and a birthday flowers is a good example. Flower bouquets can express person`s emotions – love, sympathy, friendship, respect, thanking.

 Similar with other birthday gifts, flowers better should be maximal personalized. Grandma will be moved if she will receive bouquet with flowers, same as she had at her wedding day. And on the other side the same old lady will not understand modern idea to use fruits and vegetables as decoration in the fresh bouquets. She will spend her time separating roses in the vase and she will bring decoration cabbage to the kitchen.


All people have favorite flowers and it`s better to know what they are. Somebody may not like strong fragrance. In that case lily, hyacinths, lily of the valley are not recommended. If person like fresh gentle flower fragrances, choose from roses, lavender, peony and lilac, which have mild fragrance. Some people may like simple flowers more than traditional cultured roses. It will be good surprise for them to receive bouquet of valley flowers with white daisies, blue belladonna, and lavender freesia.


 Colors, shapes and fragrances of birthday flowers may be chosen differently according to a gifted person. Females traditionally receive more often birthday flower gifts. Men enjoy flower gifts too. Birthday flowers for him are traditionally taller, more geometrical and graphic, modern shaped – bamboo, gladioluses, liatrus, fruit and flower baskets and other. Pastel colors are associated with famine bouquets. Also darker colors – Bordeaux, burgundy, purple, brown, red-black are used very seldom for the young girls and kids. Sunflowers are universal. It is a perfect sunny gift for males and females of any age.

 It is also important to know cultural differences. For example, birthday bouquet must have uneven number of flowers, if it is for Russian person. Bouquets with even number of flowers Russians bring on funeral and cemetery.

Usually people give roses when they don`t know what kind of flowers person prefer. This idea doesn’t work always well. Unfortunately most of roses from the store usually stay in the vase not very long time. It is difficult to choose correct one. Also better do not bring roses from the store in the home where owner may has own rose garden. Better chose season flowers, which stay long time – chrysanthemums, gerbera, lisianthus, gladiolus and other. Orchid plant is also will be welcome.

 Birthday flowers may be sending or given attached to the lovely gift, as a nicely decorated composition. Flowers may be put together to the cake, teddy-bear, box of chocolate or other charming gift. For baby birthday flowers usually added with balloons.

 It is interesting to know that scientist studies special “magic” flower influence on the people. They opened that in difference of other gifts flowers produce a true smile on the person’s faces in 100 % cases, when they were given. Woman who received flowers reported better mood during 3 days after. Flowers have immediate and long term effect on people’s emotions, mood, social behaviors and even better memory of elder persons.

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Birthday Gift Flowers
Birthday Gift Flowers
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